It’s all part of a process…

Although Viviana has been immersed in the performing arts most of her life she never intended to become a singer. Initially, her first love was dance. That was until Viviana found her voice. This was the start of a journey that would see her traverse three continents as she followed her dream.

Viviana’s story began in Asunción, Paraguay, where she was born into an artistic family. However, music was in the future, and aged just four she embarked upon what turned out to be a lifelong love affair with dance.

This continued when Viviana and her family moved to Germany. She was just nine but was already singing along with her favourite Disney films. When a family friend heard Viviana sing they immediately spotted her potential and advised her parents to send her to singing lessons.

These continued when Viviana graduated and moved to Munich to continue her studies. Not long after this, she joined a cover band and this was the start of her nascent singing career.

By then, she had immersed herself in the music of the past and present, and was listening to and singing pop, rock, R&B, reggae, jazz, and even some classical music. These different genres had influenced Viviana who was already maturing into a versatile vocalist who could sing in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Viviana’s versatility as a vocalist was put to good use when she began working as a backing singer at the Jack White Studios, in Munich. For the next two years she was part of a trio who accompanied an eclectic selection of artists that passed through the studio.

When the studio was quiet the trio spent some time recording as a trio recording their own music. This would eventually pay off for Viviana.

In 2008, she signed a recording contract with Jupiter Records and spent two years working with producer Ralph Siegel. This was the start of the next chapter in Viviana’s career.

As 2011 dawned, Viviana embarked upon a new chapter in her career.She had no idea that over the next few years she would travel the world and work with various producers in Germany, Finland and Paraguay. Her globetrotting and persistence paid off.

Over the next few years, Viviana became the lead singer in various studio groups. Her versatility as a vocalist meant that she could seamlessly switch between musical genres.This resulted in Viviana working with numerous producers including Vibekingz in Hamburg, Eryk Nyholm in Helsinki and Joern Wenger of IODI in Asunción. The Paraguay-based producer would later play an important role in Viviana’s story.

In 2015 the globetrotting singer became the lead singer of Cantaloupe – Munich International Jazz Orchestra. Still she found time to work with various producers and began acting lessons in Munich and Los Angeles. Like many singers before her, Viviana hoped to forge a career as an actress.

This didn’t mean that Viviana had turned her back on music. She continued to work with various producers and then in 2019 got a leading role in the musical „Die Wilde Hilde“, in Munich. This is Viviana’s biggest role to date.

In late 2019, Viviana began working on new material with Joern Wenger. It turned out to be the start of a successful collaboration. The multilingual vocalist became the lead vocalist in his new group IODI Clásico. This was just the start for Viviana.

After this, she began recording new solo material. This included her debut single Stay where she is backed by IODI who wrote and originally recorded the backing track in 1973. Forty-seven years later the vocal was recorded and in late-2020 “La Vivi and IODI” signed with UK label Tangential Music.

For Viviana this is a new start as she embarks upon a solo career. It’s just latest chapter in the life and times of globetrotting singer turned actress Viviana who has courageously followed her dreams and they’re about to come true in 2021.