To be a singer – that’s Viviana’s dream job

As long as she can remember, singing and dancing have evoked a feeling of joy and happiness. “I felt free when I could perform in front of people” says VIVIANA.
As the second sister of three, she was born in Asunción – the capital of Paraguay. She realized very quickly, that stages attract her. At the age of only 2 she took her first ballet lesson.
When VIVIANA was 9, she and her family moved to Germany. In a matter of months she learned German and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dance the same year. At the age of 16 she discovered her passion for Hip Hop. Since then she’s mostly been dancing Hip Hop or Latin.

When she was in school, she founded a cover band and discovered her singing talent. During a student exchange in Michigan/USA, she took a vocal solo class which made her learn and rehearse a new song each week to perform in front of her class. Later she studied sinology in Munich. Meanwhile VIVIANA spent a couple of months in China. She speaks Spanish, German, English and Mandarin/Chinese.

During her studies, she made her first experiences in professional music studios. She recorded background vocals for artists like Felix von Jascheroff or Zara Nina. In 2004 she had her first big solo performance at Stefan Raab’s talent show “SSDSGPS” and made it to the top 25. Other performances followed – one of them being at the legendary Kaifu Party in Hamburg/Germany where she performed in front of more than 2000 people. During that time, she worked on her own songs with different producers in Helsinki, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich and Asunción.

Right now VIVIANA is in the studio recording new songs with the singer, musician and producer Jörn Wenger, owner of JW Producciones in Asunción, Paraguay. A few of their songs can already be found on all musical platforms under “IODI Clásico 2020” and “La Vivi”.